'Mucho' Gordon

It's been six months since our big Mucho changed places, to go over the rainbow bridge or wherever he went. Bone cancer, that heartless thief. The pain and loss are still so powerful but they pale in comparison to all the wonder that big boy brought into our lives. For 7 ½ years, he was my partner in every adventure – hiking, biking, running, camping, back-country skiing, working in remote parts of Canada – whatever we did, we did together.  He protected me from threatening humans in work situations, calmly kept a curious grizzly away as I lay in my bivy sack, took turns with me breaking trail ski touring, kept me company on 2000 km road trips, endured soggy hikes up into Jumbo Pass, soaked up tears in his thick mane … so very solid. Always there, always loving, always Mucho.

Letting him go when it was time was excruciating even though we knew it was right. The most painful gift in the world, it was. Mucho was so big, in body and spirit, and the void that his departure has left feels bottomless. But I can still feel him there when I’m in the mountains doing the things we loved. There is a boundless beauty in that.

I can’t do descriptive justice to the exquisite gifts that Mucho brought into our lives. Our big giant boy taught me a thousand lessons about loving, being vulnerable, having trust, believing in goodness. I think Mucho and I did a good job of passing those lessons along to his three human brothers. Thank you, Mucho, for all that you gave us and for being the love of my life.