'Moshi' Huff-Rushton

Tue, 2015-07-07

Moshi Huff-Rushton (1998 - 2015)

Our beloved Moshi allowed us to love him for 16+ wonderful years.

He was a small dog with many names, our "Puppy-puppy" or "Baby boy." Our friends gave him other affectionate names: Mooshski, Moshi Moshi, Jack, Foo-Foo, Moshi-Man, Monster, Little Dog, Yoda.

Every day was a trip to the park to "run run run." He was obsessed with tennis balls and could teach anyone to throw one for him. His canine teeth were rounded from having the ball in his mouth constantly.

He loved hide-and-seek. We would hide behind a tree and he would come searching for us. In the winter, we would tromp out paths in the snow for him to run. At the end of hot summer play sessions, we would say "Moshi, go to your pool." Off he would run down the street. We would find him at home, lying in his kiddie pool, cooling off.

He wasn't big on swimming in lakes or rivers. He hated camping and wished he could spend his days in the car waiting for the silliness to end so he could go home.

Moshi was the smartest dog in the world. He could do the traditional sit, stay, shake a paw, rollover; but he would also sneeze on command. He knew all his toy's names, and could pick out a toy by the name requested. We started naming them by their colour. He would show off to our friends: " Moshi go get something yellow” and soon he was bringing you “Yellow,” the tennis ball or "Get something red" and he would find the "Red” santa.

When guests came by, he was always so proud to show our friends and a few strangers his “humping” stuffed animals technique....embarrassing to us ...but many laughs for others.

He loved popcorn (but only with lots of butter), ice cream cones and snuggling under the bed covers. One of the best memories will be his hugs. He would sit on your lap and flop his head onto your chest. The cares of the day melted away, sadness eased, joy shared.

Moshi - you will be forever in our hearts and we will never forget the love you gave us.