"Jango" Unger

Mon, 2009-04-20

In memory of our beloved dog Jango, she was a 12 year old Golden Retriever, in April of this year, we took her to see Dr. Elaine for a routine check up and booster and with disbelief we found out she had bone cancer in her back hind leg just below her knee. Judging from the pictures of the x-rays the cancer had been there for sometime,

bone cancer is one of the most painful cancers that dogs can get, not once did Jango let on she was in pain, she was so brave and so loyal to us. But as Dr. Elaine did educate us we soon realized the unbearable pain she was in and that bone cancer would spread to her lungs and she would have suffered, so we made the unselfish disunion for her, this was one of the hardest things we have ever had to do, it just was not fair that Jango left us in this way. In the year 2006 she saved my son (Koby) and husband (Darrell) from a house fire. God works in funny ways, I don't understand, but we do know Jango did receive a special set of wings.