Grizz Patt

Thu, 2016-03-03

Grizz had many names but in the end he was our Grizz, a special part of our family.

Grizz took his humans for lots of walks, he had great romps with his friends Gunnner and Roxy, he played tog-o-war and chewed his many chew toys.  He slept beside our beds, put his front paws and nose on the bed and gave us kisses to wake us up.  He would sing and dance when we humans came home and would zoom across the backyard or house.  He would get the last bite of numerous human foods and might even bring a toy to "trade" for food.  Grizz barked lots, he hated being brushed but tolerated being bathed (with the most forlorn look on his face, however).  He was never a cuddler but would let us mug on him anyways (with some Grizz grumbling).  He brought us Grizz-grit and butt sticks and waited for the person mowing the lawn to catch up with him, only to be off and running again. He loved laying in sunbeams and was usually found in the room with the highest concentration of humans.  

We loved our Grizz very much.  We know he wasn't always well behaved at the vet (or at home for that matter) but we thank you for putting up with him anyway.  His illness and death brought us sadness of course, but the kind care from the staff at West Kootenay Animal Hospital made the process as smooth and gentle as possible.  You did a great job of keeping us informed, giving us options, allowing us to have our last time with Grizz and helping us get to the place were we could make the necessary decision with the minimum amount of dissent.  Thank you.