Volunteering in Botswana

There is no doubt that our typical North American "fur babies" lead pampered lives. As veterinarians it is a privilege to be able to help keep these loved members of your family healthy and happy and we truly appreciate and value the trust you place in our team.  While there are pets in need right here at home, there is also a great need for veterinary care in many developing nations around the world.  This year, Drs. Rob and Elaine Klemmensen, have made it a priority to volunteer their services with several international aid organizations for animals around the world including the Equitarian Initiative, World Vets and most recently, the Canadian Animal Assistance Team (CAAT).

Dr. Rob is returning this week from a 3 week volunteer trip to Maun Botswanna where CAAT has partnered with Maun Animal Welfare Society (MAWS) to run both a local veterinary clinic as well as a mobile clinic to more remote areas.  The group consisting of two veterinarians and one veterinary technician from Canada as well as a number of dedicated local volunteers, provides a large variety of veterinary services from vaccination, sterilization, parasite control, treating illnesses and even more involved surgeries such as amputations, in what would be considered very basic conditions by our North American standards.  

In addition to providing much needed veterinary care for the domestic dogs and cats of Botswana, the group also has an impact on the amazing and very valued wildlife in this country.  Many of the diseases our domestic dogs and cats are susceptible to, can also be transmitted to the big cats, hyenas and wild dogs of Africa.  By keeping the pet population healthier, the wild animals of Botswana benefit as well.

Dr. Rob had an amazing trip and hopes to make work with the CAAT and MAWS an ongoing commitment in years to come.